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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

God Bless Texas...

Oh, Hey, Hi'ya, Howdy!

Ok, gonna go on a bit of a ramble here. 

I live in Texas. We eat out a lot in Texas. I love when I go into a restaurant and hear music that is NOT country music. This is actually rare, though. I don't expect to hear hard core rock, (would be awesome though lol), but just because this is Texas, don't assume that 100% of your customers are big ol country music fans. 

I am not.  I SO am not.

Please allow me a moment to dispel several myths about living in Texas.

1. No, we don't all listen to country music. For the love of *insert deity of choice here,* can ya give me a damn break with the whiny, tear in yer beer, gotta crush on yer cousin twangy ass country music while I'm trying to eat?! Just stop. STOP IT!!! I mean, mix it up at least...Please! Nothing wrong with a little variety? (Just hold the rap. K'thanks!) Unless it's "Texas Roadhouse" or any Barbecue joint. There, I am prepared and expect to hear the twangy tunes.

2. No, we don't all drive a Ford/Chevy/GMC Pickup Truck.

3. No, we don't all own a Pickup Truck of any kind. (Although O and I do own a truck, it's a sporty "racing" style. Not country. And no gun rack. LOL!)

4. No, we don't all wear cowboy boots. I don't even and have never ever owned a pair. And I will never own a pair. I don't have a problem with them, they're just not for me.

5. No, we don't all wear cowboy hats. (See # 4 above)
I do, however, remember when I very first moved here. As soon as I drove across the state line into Texas, I was passed on the left by a big ol pickup truck being driven by a man with a handlebar mustache & wearing a big ol cowboy hat. It might have even been a 10 gallon hat, but probably not. But I remember just cracking up. I dunno why it struck me funny, but it just did. I was all like, "Welcome to Texas y'all!" LOL!

6. No, we don't all have horses. I have, however, had a horse. But that was when I lived in Georgia. And yes, I have seen someone get served in a drive thru, while on horseback. 

7. No, we're not all rich from the oil industry. Shew, I wish!

8. No, we're not all Ranchers, or Ranch Hands. Or Farmers. But we do have plenty of them here, and thank heavens for them too. I am a carnivore, and I do enjoy the price of beef here. And I also love that, every day, driving to or from our home, I get to see cows, longhorns, even some goats and donkeys. And guinea hens sometimes too. And horses. Always horses.

9. No, we don't all have big ol gigantic, huge hair. I have, in my lifetime, had big big hair. But again, I lived in Georgia. And it was the 80's, and everyone had big hair. I'm convinced the ladies of the 80's are responsible for the hole in the ozone layer, with all that AquaNet Aerosol Hairspray we used. 

10. We don't all say "Howdy" or "Pod'ner". But I do occasionally like to say Howdy. Obviously.

There are many, many things I have enjoyed about living in Texas. Which is a good thing, since I've lived in Texas longer than I've lived anywhere else. But that's another post for another time.

God Bless Texas.

2012 in Texas' famous Bluebonnets


Nancy's Point said...

You are so funny! I really enjoyed reading this post (I especially liked #9, but then I'm a bit hair obsessed since cancer) and chuckled all the way through it. My oldest son now lives in TX, so I am suddenly much more interested in TX shenanigans. And oh my gosh, it's a big state. On our first driving trip down there when we crossed the border, we thought okay, we're almost there. We're in TX after all. Nope. Like I said, and you well know, it's a big state. Fun post. Thank you.

LunaTechChick said...

Howdy, Nancy! LOL! Well thanks so much & I'm glad you saw the humor. I've been thinking about these things for awhile. I did get quite ranty about it one time in a Whataburger restaurant...Local McDonald's competition, & I believe exclusive to Texas...maybe not. Anyway, yeah, Texas is def a big place. When you take a road trip, even to the east from Dallas, it seems like you're never gonna cross the state line. Thanks a bunch for the read & comments! =) xx

Rebecca said...

Such a funny post, LOL! It reminds me of the stereotypes for Latinos (for example, I hate novelas!).

I must confess, when I moved to this country and I first "learned" of TX, I used to believe some of those things you mentioned: The country music and the cowboy boots, specifically. Like you, I am not a big fan of country music with the exception of this Marlboro Light country music tape my grandmother got me back in 1989. I have it! ("It ain't cool...that I am craaazy about youuuu..." - words from one of the songs)

I visited TX a few years ago and loved the food. I did notice people like to eat out a lot. And yes, like Nancy stated, it is a huge state.

Beautiful picture of you, by the way.

Thank you for the laugh. I needed that today! xo

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Rebecca!! Thanks for the lovely compliment! Yep, Texas is big! And used to be it's own country! Lol! There is lots of great food here & we do love to eat out. I could just do with a lot less twangy tunes in my life! Lol! Thanks so much for reading & commenting. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey even Austin City Limits branched out from country music to freakin' Nine Inch Nails! Texas is coming around....Great post!

LunaTechChick said...

Right? But Austin is already weird, and they like it lol! Just wish some of the other places would at least have variety. It's not like I expect to hear classic Cannibal Corpse anywhere, but pretty sure I've had my fill of the sound of sliding guitars & banjos lol'

Marie Ennis-O'Connor said...

I had my first ever experience of Texas last month, when I went to Dallas for a conference - food was great - huge portions! I had a Whataburger at the airport ;-) didn't see any big hair-dos in downtown Dallas. What else.. I loved the accents - and I'd love to go back and explore more of the State :-)

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Marie! Glad you enjoyed your visit to the "state that used to be a country" lol! Isn't Whataburger great? Yeah, big portions, big personalities, big accents. Guess everything IS bigger in Texas! Thanks so much for reading & commenting! xx