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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nothing's Right, I'm Torn...

Yes. You were right. People who said not to move back to Georgia. Those who advised me that “You can never go home again”.  

You. Are. Correct. So, bask in the warm fuzzy of your correctness. But please refrain from telling me “I told you so.” 

The decision to move back home to my beloved Savannah, super near to my deeply loved mother, was so hard and scary for me. And likewise, the decision to go back from whence we came is absolutely gut wrenching. 

I have never felt so torn about anything in my life. So, the only reason you would have to say “I told you so”, would be a desire to cause me further pain. And if you do dare to say it to me anyway, get ready for a big, fat, GO FUCK YOURSELF from me. 

There are soooooooo many reasons this decision has been made. Most are far too personal for me to share here. Suffice it to say, as happy and sad as I am, all at the same time, I know in my gut it’s for the best. 

So, pray for us on the road. Again. It’s a long and scary drive. But drive it, we must. And we will.  

“Illusion never changed 
Into something real...”


Unknown said...

Will pray for a safe drive for you and Ollie, wish you weren't going but all must do what makes them happy and what works for them, your loved ones and true friends will understand that. love ya girl

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks so much! Love ya back! xx

Paula said...

You have to be happy and if that's not happening there, then it's back to Texas. It will all work out in the end, just hang in there for the drive. Love you! Safe travels!

Rebecca said...

First, I am sorry people are being insensitive to you. I hate when people give you "advice," expecting you do what they say, and then when things don't turn out right for you, they come back and say "I told you so." It makes me not want to come back to these people ever again. UGH.

I am sorry things haven't been working out. But let me share a quote I always live by, "I'd rather regret something I've done, than something I've never done." You did what your heart desired and that's all that matters. Very few people live this way.

Good luck and stay safe. xoxo

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks so much Paula & Rebecca! I haven't yet heard those critical words, but I know a few who are totally thinking it. Thanks for the comments & well wishes. The weather in TX is looking very dicey for our travels. Not a happy camper about that.

Sandra Davis said...

I'm hoping by now you are making headway getting settled again. I tried to post a comment last week--but my computer was malfunctioning or something and it wouldn't let me. I so totally share your sentiments about gut wrenching..yes it was and is.
But like your friends have said--everybody has to do what makes them happy. So yes I understand, but no I don't like it. But I love you now and always...more than you can ever know.

Love, Mom

LunaTechChick said...

I love you too & this whole thing has been so hard & has changed me & my life in ways I can't explain. Twisted & torn for sure. But def feeling more like myself. Moving on... Love you so much.