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Friday, December 17, 2010

Eff Cancer!

Learned of the passing of a friend this week.  I was very shocked to learn she had passed away, as last I heard, she was winning against her cancer.  And I was so sad upon learning about it.  She was very caring & encouraging to me when she learned about my bc.  And to learn that now she's gone just really shook me, because it really wasn't all that long ago that she was exactly where I am today....gettin all congratulated on being cancer free & "gettin on with the rest of your life..."  So yeah, messed me up a bit. 

It was just so fast.  She was a beautiful, smart, awesome lady.  She is SO missed by SO many.  She was only 52 I think. 

So yeah.  Fuck cancer.  REALLY sick of it.  Really.

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