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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Beauty, The Splendor, The Wonder...

Of my HAAAIIIRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, well, dunno so much about "the beauty", but it does now appear to be lookin more like REAL hair. 
 These are March 2011, right at 15 months out from the last chemo, round brushed & flat ironed.

I can see that I'm getting very close to needing to get a real "hairdo" cut done. And I was lamenting it's awkward phase & the curly biz, & a lady in my office was all like, "why not just embrace the curl?" So I tried it out. The result - Chemo-Fro. 

Sooooooo, I'm trying to re-train my hair to lay flat by round brushing & doing the occasional flat iron thing.

 And last night was the "Super Moon" Full Moon. Was supposed to appear bigger & brighter in the sky than it has in the last 20 years. We checked it out. Was awesome
Also, I've had to delete some photos from the Gallery over at my CarePage. Apparently there's a limit to what you can share on CarePages. Which also is a good indication that the updates there will soon come to an end. But not so much just because of the photo limit there, but the fact that I'm approaching that all important 2 Year Mark....According to the Always Fabulous Dr V, that 2 year countdown begins after the last cancer removing surgery. And for me, that will be in July. YAY!!!

Had a very nice visit with him this week. And I managed to get through it without turning into a complete twittering idiot, which has been the norm for me. LOL!

So, with the CarePage ending, you will still be able to follow what's up with us & the quest back to long hair here.  I hope you'll subscribe for updates by puttin your email address in the box at the top right of the page. You won't get a bunch of spam or junk mail...promise. Only an email when I do a blog. That's it.

So anyway, one more doctor visit to wrap up this latest flurry of medical stuff. The ominous pelvic sonogram, to make sure Tamoxifen & my uterus are gettin along. Here's hopin.

I'll just continue to distract myself with figurin out stuff to do with my HAIR.


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