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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Ought To Be In Pictures......

Soooooo, I survived the sonogram.  Yeah, I was very nervous.  But my ob/gyn doc, Dr D, who knows me so well...(inside & out! Er..sorry! LOL!), made sure to say right away that the uterus looked good.  The technician followed that up with "REALLY good" ..she went on to say it & the ovaries look "better than most Tamoxifen takers."  YAY me!  And apparently he can tell from lookin at the sono that I'm NOT in menopause.  I had suspected Tamoxifen had sent me right into menopause, but he said he can tell by lookin at the ovaries that I SO am not.  I just have a few symptoms that mimic it because of how it blocks the affects of the estrogen.

Anyway, the sono was quite uncomfortable, but not terrible.  And took a few minutes.  And apparently these parts ain't exactly located where *I* thought they were.  And she took a bunch of pictures from all different angles of meh parts. All this rootin around with that wand was about on my last nerve.  Another minute of that shit & I was bout to be all like, oughta have enough pictures by now! UGH!  

But they said my uterine lining was quite nice & thin...which is good.  And we'll do it again in September.  Dr D did say this: so long as I continue to feel & experience the same ol same ol, then I can expect the next sono to be same ol same ol. So it appears that the Tamoxifen & uterus are gettin along just fine so far.

Next up:  Labs tomorrow for Dr F....still watchin that stupid parathyroid hormone bs. (I sort of forgot about this one!)  And still tryin to get back  into my cardio.  Need to just DO IT right away when I get home NO MATTER WHAT! Which didn't happen today...

Better luck tomorrow.

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