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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot & Cold

So, we have a new fave Hot Sauce around here.  Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.  I like to call it "Rooster Sauce".  Last weekend O & I had a fun "Sushi Sunday" at our favorite mall, Northpark. Sushi Sunday is when you pop up to the mall, run in the Kona Grill, grab a few sushi rolls & then catch a movie at the mall's nice theater.  So we usually order: Crab Crunch, Philadelphia Roll & California Roll.  The waiter told us we should try this hot sauce with our sushi.  And he also brought extra Eel Sauce.  But anyway....I'm like, "Eh...whatever" when it comes to California Roll.  You it's not really "all that".  Until you put Rooster Sauce on it.  HFS!  And then the waiter is all tellin us all the different ways he uses it.  And since then, we got some & O is putting it on EVERYTHING.  (Great on a burger & to dip fries in, BTW.)
I'm going to attempt a recipe for deviled eggs with it.  Check THIS out:
Kalyn's Sriracha Deviled Eggs   Perfect for Easter weekend, right!  Also was told that if you mix it with ketchup, it's great to give some kick to a hot dog.  Mmmmmmm! If it's HOT & spicy.  We like it.

And we also like some cold stuff too.  Especially if you've had a "Monday" kinda Monday...or a "Monday" kinda Wednesday....or a "Monday" kinda *insert day/time/event here*  The cure for the "Monday's"?  Sometimes nothin but a nice martini will do! I shake up one awesome tastin Vodka Martini.  I like mine just slightly dirty...O likes his "regular" dirty.  Just grab those martini glasses outta the freezer, shake up some of the "good" vodka (I prefer Grey Goose), & chill the eff out. Ya know what I always say: "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!"

Enjoying a nice 3 day weekend around here.  And hopin next week doesn't have too many "Mondays".  Know what I mean?  And there are things going on, that I just cannot blog about right now.  But suffice it to say, we're all Hot & Cold about all of it.

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