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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

Or rather, DRESS your age?  What does that even mean?  I'm in my 40s.  But some of the clothes I like to wear are found in the Juniors section.  And yes, when I'm shoppin in there, I see the teenagers lookin at me like, "OMG grandma, get outta here tryin to dress too young..."  And I DO see ladies my age & older, very obviously tryin to hang on to youth with their manner of dress.  And I have to I look like that too?  

For instance....until very recently, I used to love love love wearin graphic print tops....every day...with bling & without.  Sometimes I still wear one.  But not like I used to.  Was/am I too old for those? And now I'm wonderin about a trend I'm seein in jeans.  All these jeans with white stitching....or know, with holes....and distressed WITH white stitching.....And how about this....jeans with very ornate back pockets like this.  Am I too old for this look?  

I'm wonderin all this because O likes how these jeans look.  Recently he was all like, "I want to see how you look in a pair of these new white stitched jeans I'm seein everywhere".  And I asked him, "Doncha think I'm a bit OLD for that?"  And he goes, "Hell NO!"  So yeah, I now own not 1, but 2 pairs of white stitched jeans.  And, one pair is distressed.  Yep.  But what about these very deco'd pocket ones?  Is someone in their 40s too old for that?

Here's the thing.  Yes, I'm approaching mid 40s.  But....I'm told, pretty much by everyone, even strangers, that I don't look anywhere near my age.  Which is super flattering to me & quite amazing actually, after havin gone through such hard core treatment for the bc can I pull off these younger looks cause I look younger?  OR....are people just tryin to be nice & lyin through their teeth & I in fact look exactly my age or even *shudder* OLDER?  I think this new hair length makes me look older, but when I do the ponytail thing, I (think) I look pretty much the same as I did pre bc bullshit....just shorter on ptail....Anyway, gettin off track here (thank you Sudafed & seasonal upper respiratory issues)...

How old is too old?

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