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Saturday, October 8, 2011


First, lemme preface this rant by reminding all y'all that I take Tamoxifen...& am therefore easily emotional/aggravated/perturbed/pissed off.  Ok, got that?  Good. (Poor O...)

Sooo, yesterday started out like it was gonna be a pretty damn great Friday.  Had lunch scheduled with some friends, had a hair consultation booked, & we had a shoot that evening that didn't seem like it was gonna be difficult at all, but actually fun.  So off I go to my lunch.  Lovely lunch with friends.  Chinese.  We do it every Friday.  Then off to the hair consultation.  Lovely stylist that I've known for years.  Been going to the salon where she used to work for years.  Well, before my hair fell out from chemo....But learned she's too expensive (for me anyway) to do the cut.  I like what she was saying & all, but damn! $75!  I just can't pay that for a little "shape up & blend" kinda 'do.  So was a bit deflated when I left.  But s'ok, I wasn't wanting a cut right then & there anyway. Just suggestions...

Next shoot....all went well.  It videotaped much better than we expected.  And then some fun visiting & catching up with a few friends who were there that we haven't seen in awhile.  A pretty lovely Friday so far, yeah?

And then it started happening...

O: "Hey, let's go to that new Chinese restaurant & have dinner."
Me: "Yeah, we said we wanted to do that....but I did have Chinese for lunch today."
O: "Right.  So let's go to *Restaurant That Is Named After The Street It's On* I guess...."
Me: "Cool! You need to order onion rings so I can have a couple!"

We've been eating at this newish restaurant quite a bit lately....Let's call it the Hwy Main St Grill & the same server we've had the last couple of times.  She was not surprised that I ordered the salad with grilled chicken on it...again...O ordered the burger with onion rings.  Server brought out the bread & drinks.  We see some people we know & wave....It's about 8:15, pretty busy, but servers constantly coming out with food....for everyone....except us.  But we were having a conversation & didn't realize that yeah, pretty much everyone had been served & was cleared away & our food never came.  Our server then says, "Your food should be out any minute...lemme go check."  And then she comes out without anything.  And goes back in & comes out with our food.  Which clearly had been sitting in the window for QUITE some time.  Burger, rings, chicken...stone cold.

Me: "This has been in the window for quite a while, huh..."
Server: "I dunno....I haven't really been back there..."

Yeah, NO KIDDING! Otherwise, you would have brought us our food like, 30 minutes ago!
So we tell her to take it back & we need to go....we've been here like 45 minutes, getting late...we'll have to grab something somewhere else...

So we're gonna end up with fast food.  Yuck.  Seems like every time we try to get food, there's always something in the way, or difficulty or something.  Anyway......I remembered that we needed to run by the store really quick & grab some coffee, milk & half & half....Quick....right....So I'm trying to get down the aisles, & of course you can't for all the pallets bein pulled...cause it is getting kinda late at night & of course they're stocking shelves.  And if it wasn't pallets causing me frustration, it was people...who just like....STAND there...right in the if they're in a daze....or on drugs or something....never thought that 2 people could clog up an entire grocery aisle, but these people managed to do it...Now I'm gettin frustrated....can't seem to move in here without bein in somebody's way. (Some of you may know about our "magnetic attraction" issues...we walk into an empty place, & then BAM! We're crowded by all these people...) Anyway...finally get our stuff...same thing in the parking lot.  Can't back out...the whole effin population of the town we live in has decided to walk behind the car with the reverse lights on!  I'm like REALLY???  Mind, I get that nothing really traumatic has happened, but I'm an emotional Tamoxifen person, who hasn't eaten in like 10 hours at this point....

Get to the fast food joint...hoping to get home & eat & get in a scary movie blu ray before it gets too terribly late....order the food...get to the window to get it....they didn't make my food...only O's.  Which we realized right as we pulled away from the window....couldn't back up cause OF COURSE the next car had already pulled up & had cars behind them....So here I go up to the window:

*Knocks on window* "Y'all forgot my salad."
Drive Thru Chickie: "What salad?"
Me: "The salad that we ordered along with the other stuff."
Chickie looking around, asking other fast food people...."did ya get that salad?"
Fast Food Workers: "What salad??" this time I'm getting very aggravated....Walk back to the car, get the receipt from O, show it to Chickie...."THIS salad!"  Chickie takes receipt & disappears into the store for a couple of minutes.  The car in line next is getting quite the show.  A girl leans out of the car window & shouts "Yeah, tell those motherfuckers they better get dat shit right! Dayum!" I'm all like, "I know, right! GAWD!"

Ahhhh, here comes Chickie:  "So, gonna be about 2, 2 or 3 minutes longer on that salad...." And I'm just REALLY pissed off & ready to be home at this point.  So I just tell her to refund the salad...(as if I trust these people to make my salad now!) 

And then, STILL trying to get home....the crazy Friday night rude/drunk/inattentive drivers were DEF out.  O was like "Just gotta laugh at this point..."  But I wasn't laughing.  I'd HAD it. Just Get. Us. Home.

And again...I realize after reading over what I've written above, doesn't seem to be all that traumatic/difficult/awful....but if you had been's one of those "guess ya had to be there" deals, fueled by the lovely affects of Tamoxifen, & combined with bad servers, oblivious slack jawed rude shoppers, typical drive thru stuff & starvation.

And I'm not leaving my house the rest of the weekend.  Nope.

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