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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

...Ain't Too Much Sadder Than...

It still doesn't seem real.  The loss of Robin Williams.  And to learn it was suicide.  I just can't imagine it.  What kind of pain and sadness he must have been living with??

I have no words.  Just sadness.  Although I never met the man, I did grow up with him in my life via the big and small screens.  And it does feel like losing a friend.  

Depression is a disease.  Just like alcoholism.  Like cancer.  I don't believe people choose to be depressed. Not at all.  And it makes me very angry to see these stupid fucking memes all over social media demanding people choose to not be depressed.  It's a chemical issue in the brain, OK????

This is TOTAL bullshit.

I'm just so so sad about this. A world without Robin Williams in it. How can this even be real?

Rest In Peace Robin Williams. 

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