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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learn To Swim's one of those days....The ones where "the fear" rears it's ugly head more than the usual. Feel like I'm drowning in it sometimes.

Learn To Swim...

And there's gonna be lots of days like this in the coming weeks as my "Tour d'Oncologie" is looming ever closer on the calendar.  And I'm pretty fuckin sick of it.  *Pardon my French*

Ugh.  I dunno....and with all this newish controversy surrounding mammos....I considered (still?) just skipping it this time.
Fuck a mammogram.  *Pardonnez mon Fran├žais*
Mammo didn't even SEE my VERY palpable tumor.  But, since it is the last diagnostic, and marks the (useless milestone) five years out, I'll go ahead with the fucking mammo.

Learn To Swim...

And then the visit with Dr V (Surgeon).  And then a physical with Dr C. And then Dr W (Oncologist).  And then I can breathe again for another year.

Unless I get an ache.  Or a pain.  Or a pimple.

Learn To Swim
Learn To Swim
Learn To Swim...


Claudia Schmidt said...

Hang in there. The fear seems to come and go (at least mine does) so maybe once you're done with the mammo and appointments, you'll settle back in and be able to breathe. I've been there too, and am sure I'll be there again. Hugs.

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Claudia!!! Yeah, it definitely comes & goes. And I'm way better than I used to be. Just some days I feel great & healthy & then other days I'm just totally freaked out. Usually a little ache, or pain brings it on for me. Thanks so much for commenting. I knew other bc people would understand. :)