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Friday, July 29, 2016

I Really Wanna Know....

I'm thinking about my friend Nancy...and I love that she started the blogger challenge to share 15 Random Things about ourselves. So much fun to learn more about our blogger friends.  I had to go back and look at mine from last year to make sure I don't repeat the same stuff...

So here are mine for this year. 

1. I have, at this time, 4 tattoos. I got my first tattoo as soon as I was legally old enough to get one. It is a crescent moon face on the back of my left shoulder. I also have one on my right ankle, lower back tramp stamp, and lastly, a friendship matching foot tattoo my bestie M and I went together and had done.  
I would like to do some cover up work on the ankle, and also a half sleeve, but it's too pricey for me right now. And even if I had the money, not so sure I could tolerate the pain. I mean, that tiny foot tattoo hurt like a mo-fo! A friend told me to ask my oncologist for the numbing cream prescription they give you for the port. I didn't use it for my port, but just might ask for it, if'n I ever win the damn lottery for future bod-mod.
Dec 7, 2010

2. When I got my port out in December 2010, I asked to take it home. Is that weird? Surely others kept their port, right? And the top I'm wearing under my jacket is the same top I was wearing the day I got the phone call that I had breast cancer. Wasn't on purpose though.

 3. I love to watch the daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. We DVR it daily, and watch it while we get our cardio exercise done. I'm on an elliptical and he on a treadmill. Distracts us from how boring this type of exercise is. And most of the time, the show is as good, if not better, than most of what is on Prime Time lately.

4. I have, just this actual year, discovered the Beerita. The wonderful libation of a margarita with a beer turned up in it. Yeah. How I've made it to 47 years of age and didn't know about this deliciousness? I dunno, I sure do now....And it's a very bad thing for my South Beach eating lifestyle. Staying away from Fuzzy's Taco Shop for a bit...

5. I can drive a stick shift. In fact, there was a time that I actually preferred it to the automatic. My feeling was that, you are actually driving a manual, while just riding along in an automatic. That was until I moved to the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and experienced crawling rush hour traffic...and trying to crank down your non automatic window, shift the gear, throw the change in the toll booth (thank you for the new cashless toll booths of today), roll the window back up, all while smoking a cigarette....LOL! Yay for automatic! (And I quit smoking in 2004. Cold Turkey style.)

6. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. I don't care if it's even the teeny tiniest of spiders. Terrified. I have been held captive in a bathroom once by a jumpy spider that seemed to be guarding the doorway...and Omg...I might still be traumatized by that! And some of them here are so damn you could throw a saddle on it and ride it....Well, everything IS bigger in Texas....

7. I am a fan of horror movies. I love all things horror and macabre. And I just like to use the word macabre. Macabre macabre macabre. LOL! One of my favorites is the silly and campy "House of 1000 Corpses" by Rob Zombie. It's one of those, like Napoleon Dynamite (a horror in and of itself lol), that you have to give a second look after your first attempt to watch results in you turning it right off in about 15 minutes. My favorite scene is the liquor store scene. Check it out.  

8. The number 11 seems to pop up in my day to day life a LOT. Like, 11:11 on the clock, or just 11s on signs, receipts, or sequences of numbers that add up to 11. Just lots and lots and lots of 11 in my life. The Hotel Room we stayed in when we came to Texas to find a place to move back into...the room number added up to 11. The house we found on that trip, and are currently living is, the street address number ads up to 11. The house we moved out of in Georgia, street address number added up to 11. There are 11 letters in my husband's first and last name. Our anniversary date adds up to 11. But what does it mean?

9. I love seafood. Especially crab legs. And shrimp. And crawfish. Pretty much love any kind of seafood in any way I can have it. Except for weird stuff like octopus or squid or those creepy little baby octopus looking things you see on the Chinese Buffett. 
10. Halloween is my favorite thing ever. O and I will start checking certain stores for Halloween decorations and stuff right after 4th of July. It just makes me happy. And for the last 12 years, we totally deck our halls for Halloween. And sometimes, that happens as early as mid September. I have already seen fun Halloween stuff out this year.

11. I have had the extreme pleasure to work with the great actor, Burton Gilliam. You probably remember him from "Blazing Saddles", or "Back to the Future III", or "Fletch", Pace Picante commercials... O directed him and I ran boom mic for him in a feature film production based on the high school "Shattered Dreams" program. He was in the last one we did, and he was awesome. And a nicer person you will never meet. 
12. I do not have a green thumb. I will even kill silk plants. I have, however, managed to keep this vine looking plant alive that was given to me after my first surgery. I always think I want to grow all my own veggies and herbs, but then I realize that involves getting down in the dirt. Where there are bugs. And spiders...Yeah, see #6 above.

13. I won the big Bride's Magazine Honeymoon Sweepstakes in 2001. I filled out and mailed so many silly little entry forms in the back of several bridal magazines when I was planning our wedding. And actually won the big prize from Bride's Magazine! It included 7 day, 6 night stay in an Ocean View Room at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii, Champagne and Bubble Bath Amenity on arrival, free breakfast daily, Seaside Massage for Two, a dinner meal at any of the resort's restaurants, Sunset Catamaran Cruise, a $2500 Zales Gift Card, and an Alfred Angelo Wedding Gown. And the Airfare was also included, which was awesome. When they called to tell me I had won, I missed the call. I was ending my day buying lottery tickets. Seriously. 

14. I have been involved in several alcohol related car accidents. Mostly getting hit by drunk drivers. I used to say there must be some target on my car that only drunks can see. 

15. Although I do love Halloween, horror movies and all that, I do not like to go through haunted houses at Halloween. I just don't. They're icky.

And that's this year's 15 Random Things About Me. Hope it wasn't too much of a snoozer.

************Edited: Originally #13 said I won the sweepstakes and was married in 2009. NO! It was 2001!!!**********


Rebecca said...

Very nice list!! We have some things in common. I love everything seafood except the kinds you mentioned. I go crazy over crab legs. I had a thing about 11s for a long time where if I saw the time as 1:11 or 11:11 I would make a wish. I no longer pay attention to that (and it changed after my dx). Very cool about the Bride's Magazine Honeymoon Sweepstakes! Wow, I didn't know they gave away so much. You guys must have loved it.

I allow little spiders to live in my apt lol. I have no idea how they get in? But I don't mind them. I used to go inside haunted houses and try to scare others. Have not done that in years. hmmm...wait! I went to Sleepy Hollow (cemetery) one Halloween and tried to scare people who were coming in. The town does different Halloween activities. I am not easily stimulated by horror movies. However, I do enjoy international movies and the ones from Korea are pretty amazing.

Please be careful driving. I am sorry you encountered some drunks. I hope nothing too serious.

Love learning more about you. xoxo

Cancer Curmudgeon said...

OMG, well, you know how I feel about Halloween!
I kill plants too. Not because I want to--I WISH I had a green thumb but I just don't. I either drown them or forget them. Even when I am mindful and know I'm watering correctly, they still just die. so I'm not fond of them. If people give me flowers, I'm like whatever, I'd rather have candy or something!

The Accidental Amazon said...

Wow on #13!! That's incredible!! And yes, I can also drive a stick. My first car had manual transmission. Have to say, though, that it's a lot easier to drink my iced coffee while driving an automatic, not to mention negotiating snowstorms.

Totally love Halloween. Love costumes. Love making and wearing costumes. Love pumpkins. Love the fall in New England. Love the beautiful orange color of pumpkins. One of my favorite sweaters is pumpkin orange. Love the dude that publishes those 'Extreme Halloween' books. Love people who can carve pumpkins into works of art. Hate that breast cancer awareness has tried to make my favorite month pink, and that there are now hybrid pink pumpkins. Is nothing sacred??

:) Kathi

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Rebecca! I love this blogger challenge. It is so much fun to learn more about my online friends. We did have a blast on our Honeymoon, but I got sick on the 3rd day. I think I was sensitive to the volcanic ash in the air or something. But leave it to me to get sick in paradise, right? But I pushed through. No serious injuries in my accidents. Just injured cars lol!

LunaTechChick said...

Hey Kathi!

I totally agree about Pinktober. I reclaim it every year as Halloween Orange fun! Eff pink pumpkins!

LunaTechChick said...


I'm the exact same with plants! Except for this weird. It thrives on neglect I guess. Yeah, candy for me me too! xx

Beth Gainer said...

Loved learning about you. The sweepstakes sounded wonderful. Hawaii must've been fantastic!! Thank you for sharing more about yourself.

LunaTechChick said...

Hawaii was awesome! Especially since the whole thing was free & we couldn't really afford much for a honeymoon. I hope Nancy's Random Things challenge becomes an annual thing. Love getting to know my blogger friends better. :)

Nancy's Point said...

Wow, this is an amazing list! I learned a lot about you! Sorry to be so late in commenting. As you know, I've been busy with family matters. Thank you for taking up this challenge. It was fun for me to read the posts of those who participated. And thanks for the mention too. xx

LunaTechChick said...

Hey Nancy! It is so nice to "see" you back around the 'net. I totally knew you'd be by when you felt up to it. I also love this challenge & hope it becomes an annual blogging event! Hey, I just realized, I should swap Numbers 8 & 11...LOL! xx