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Monday, May 14, 2012


Anticipay-yay-shun...This is gonna be one CRAZY week.  Lots of stuff happenin.  Lots of anxiousness.  Anticipation. Fear & Loathing.  And just plain ol craziness. Ok, not fear & loathing.  Was just reminded of that line in the movie. LOL!  Ok, maybe a tiny bit of fear about Thursday...& loathing that I still have the fear. Ugh.

So what does this crazy, much anticipated week look like? Well...Tomorrow we'll be testing the equipment at the facilities where our movie Premiers are being held this week.  We have a meeting to kick off an informative medical type video project for a client.  O has a couple of days of training on a new website for our biggest client.  We privately premier the Movie for our actors. Our Wrestling Show client needs us out there a couple of days this week.  My appointment with my Oncologist, Dr W is THURSDAY, & then I fetch my mom from the airport right after that.  (So the news had BETTER be good!) Then the VIP Movie Premeir, Public Premier & a wedding to wrap up the weekend. Somewhere in there I hope to get meh feets did.  Preferably before the VIP thing.  So yeah, let the insanity begin! 

In the words of Hunter S. Thompson:  "Buy the ticket, take the ride." 

These are the good ol days.

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