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Friday, May 25, 2012

It's My (Pity) Party...

Crazy busy time of year.  O has been & must continue to work work work.

Fun family time is over.

Post-big event let down.  Nice to see the last 8 months of life altering, relationship rockin, round the clock hard work result in nothin more than a flash in the pan.

Post-cancer paranoia.  I haz it.  Not that I wasn't already a paranoid freak before cancer, but havin had it has just apparently enhanced every shitty quality I have & magnified them by a gazillion.

No end in sight to the crazy business.  This is actually supposed to be a good thing.

Air Conditioner compressor is dead. Waiting for service dudes to come replace.  They promise they will today. Of course this is a holiday weekend with very hot temps expected.

Can't attend great lunch meeting with O & our newest national client because I'm waiting for the above mentioned service dudes.

Yucky, weirded out feelin from stayin up too late (& probably also from  havin 1 too many cocktails).

 Realizin the fact that I don't do enough for others & I'm too self absorbed.

The realization that I'm SO very lucky to have the kind of problems that I have & that things could (should?) be SO much worse, & the fact that knowin this has done nuthin to pull me outta the funk I'm in. yeah...will do a post about my visit to Dr W later when I'm done with my Pity Party.


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