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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


But that's how it goes.  Yes, the pity party is over.  And the craziness continues.  Things have been crazy crazy busy since about the first of the year.  Just lots of work requests, the movie, then the national client medical video thing.  Then everything just collided all at once.  The movie's "Live" scenes were filming, I was sick, tryin to complete the medical video, then complete the movie, continue to serve our main clients daily....& during this whole time, O has been shootin all day & then editing most of the night...sometimes all night. Deadlines, ya know. Video editing, if you want good video edited by someone with creativity & talent takes a lot longer than you might think.  And then at the peak of the busy-craziness, we had my mom in town for a wedding...right during the movie's Premiere week.  It's just like, the month of May has just been a crazy wild ride.  And it's not over yet.  There are several projects due next week.  O is still editing his ass off.  But that's how it always is during the end of May, even without havin done a movie.  And normally things come to a screechin halt by the first of June, but not this year.  We're so fortunate to have another medical type project kickin off.  And our big client has also placed orders for stuff due in yeah...we're gonna be stayin busy.  But it SO is a good thing. So please forgive my pity party while our A/C was broken & I wasn't feelin so good...I'm WAY better now.  Amazing what a fixed A/C can do for your attitude! LOL!

Ok, so our extra-super-crazy time started last week when I had my appointment to see my Oncologist, Dr W, at his new location.  And pretty much right after that we were pickin my mom up at the airport.  So while it was really cool to see Dr W & several of his staff from the other place all together at the new place, I was still nervous, hopin everything is still all good.  I mean, it's movie Premiere weekend, family in town, a time for bad news.  Right?  Well, this time was a bit different.  Dr W didn't feel the need to run the typical CBC & Metabolic Panel he's been runnin every 3 months since I've been his patient.  No, he said it's been "beautiful" & looked at February's blood work on his computer & was all like "Look at that! It's beautiful!"  This time he was more concerned with whether or not I've finished goin through menopause.  Wha??? At 42?? So he did order blood work & checked the FSH & LH.  If I'm done with menopause, he wants to take me off the Tamoxifen & switch to Arimidex.  BUT, the results were inconclusive.  One of the tests, (FSH?) showed that yes, I appear to be post menopausal.  But the other, (LH? or the FSH?) showed that at that time I was right in the middle of an ovulation cycle.  Crazy.  So, we'll check again next time.  Dr W also even asked me if I wanted to come back in 3 or 6 months.  I told him I'd rather he tell me, since, ya know...he's kinda the expert.  So he said he'd see me in September. Looks like in September, I'll be seein ALL my docs.

Anyway, I really like his new facility.  It's much more modern than the old place.  I can check my labs & tests & appointments online & I get emails about pending appointments.  And the facility itself is SO much nicer.  It's farther away than the old place, but totally worth it.

So the appointment was great I guess, cause it seems like I'm movin into a different phase of post cancer monitoring. So YAY!  And then we had lunch & picked my mom up from the airport.  She went with us to both the movie Premieres (VIP & Public) & then we went to my cousin's wedding & another family get together the day after that.  All in all, a very crazy, hectic, but FUN week & weekend. And yeah, I thought we could see light at the end of the tunnel...but it turned out to be an oncoming Crazy Train! (Yeah, I know...that one was pretty bad! LOL!!)

And here's a hair growth after chemo pic.  I was puttin on lip gloss to head out the door to the wedding when my mom snapped this picture.  She loves to take this mirror reflection type pic.  She's taken it of me several times over the years! lol.  So here I am at 2 years, 5 months & a couple of weeks post chemo.   

YAY!  =)

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