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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Everyone's A Winner Baby...

That's the truth.

I've ranted about this before.  The story that brought on this repeat rant is just another example of words people use to describe someone who has passed away as a result of breast cancer.  *WARNING!! If you are like me, in that, hearing of someone's passing away from breast cancer totally freaks you out & sends you into a spiral of psychosomatic symptoms & worry, panic & the like, please DO NOT click on the link in this blog post.* I'm actually getting better about that.  I was shaken a bit after hearing about this lady & then reading her story, but I try to remember all my wonderful doctors telling me "everyone is different", "you are one of the ones that can be cured"....

Karen Martinez

So anyway....I hate that this happened to this beautiful young lady, her family, friends, coworkers & viewers, all who loved her.  And I HATE the title of this article.  NOW HEAR THIS: NO ONE LOSES THEIR BATTLE.  OK? To me, that just makes it sound like they did something wrong, or didn't do something they should have....Surely there's a better way to relay this.  How bout that she "passed away after a lengthy bc illness"? Or that she was "taken too soon by bc"? my oncology appointments loom ever closer on the calendar, I try not to daily deteriorate into a complete wreck.  And I have vowed to remain absolutely calm when I get in front of Dr W.  In 27 days. I think. 

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