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Monday, June 3, 2013

We Love Dirty Laundry!

Here it is!! The post you've all been waiting for!!

My dirty laundry, posted on the internet!!!!

Ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

Ok, so, I've said it many times before. Not everything makes it into the blog. Especially the airing of "dirty laundry". I'm just not one of these who's gonna go online & post stuff like "My cheatin, lyin husband is a SOB & if you stay on his Friends List, I'm gonna DELETE YOU!", & the like. We've all seen this stuff, right? (And NO, O is not lyin, nor cheatin. Just an example LOL!). Sure, if I did post about certain stuff, no doubt the blog would be much more interesting, but there are just certain things that I prefer remain between me, O & our families. Things that are just for us. Know what I mean?

That being said....I must apologize for the lack of posts lately. I don't think a month has ever gone by between posts before. Hope nobody thought the worst bout what might be goin on with me cancer-wise.'s just a super crazy busy time of year. Coupled with being right in the middle of the 6 month cancer checks...there's just been either nothin to talk about, or no time to talk about stuff that I do wanna talk about.

There are several things to talk about, so there will be several posts come out this month, (I hope! lol!) but I'll try not to post too many too close together & stuff.

Anyway, just a quicky to let y'all know I'm still good, & thanks for stickin with me. Will be bloggin bout birthdays, D-Days, & 4 years that NED's been my BFF. And a few other things.


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