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Friday, July 26, 2013

With A Little Help From My Friends...

And Family. =)
Just a quickie to Thank Everyone for all the awesome well wishes & congratz & Likes on Facebook & stuff to help me celebrate my Four Years of cancer Freeness! (Yes I know the c-word isn't capitalized like the words surrounding it.  I try to never capitalize it.  I just don't do it.)
Anyway, just as all of your love & support, comments & Likes & stuff absolutely helped pull me through treatment, it still SO lifts my spirits to see all the Likes & comments & support from friends & family. Thanks to technology & social media, it's the next best thing to celebrating together! Right? Y'all are all so awesome & we love ya!  
Ok, so it was a pretty fun day.  We went & ate great Thai food at our fave Thai joint & then went to see the scary movie "The Conjuring".  It was just a great, fun, scary movie. Had some good creepiness.  And I ate too much popcorn.  (Either that, or my scale is absolutely malfunctioning, cause HFS it says I've gained weight like crazy this week.) And then we just messed around town here & there, havin fun. YAY!

Oh hi hot flash. Whew!
And O snapped a quick pic of me to commemorate the cancerversary.  And I was right in mid-hot flash.  So, here's what I look like havin a hot flash. I'm all like, "Oh Hi hot flash. Go eff yerself!"




sandra davis said...

i always love your blogs. .so creative! Fab picture too. <3

LunaTechChick said...

Well thank ya! Not that you're a bit biased or anything...LOL!!!