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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Breathe With Me....

So, I tried something a little different for this round of visits to all the doctors.  I didn't come on this blog, or even social media, all whining & lamenting ad nauseam for days and days about each and every single one of my appointments this time around.  No, rather, I blogged that they were looming ever closer a time or two, and left it at that.  But now that I've seen all the docs, and had the dreaded mammogram, I'm here to say that we lived through it...I'm still married...(LOL), and I'm still in the clear.  

NOW I can celebrate the gratitude for still being here, five years out.  And we do know, again, five years doesn't mean much for bc, but it's still pretty damn huge.  Especially for the kind of bc bs I had.

And, another something a little different. Although this last appointment yesterday with the always excellent Dr W was the last to officially "graduate" me to ANNUAL appointments, from six month appointments, my oncology team and I would still like for an oncology minded doctor to put his eyes (and hands) on me, at least every six months.  How can this work?  Well, Dr W said that he has no problem with a slingshot into in, I will not see him again until March, 2016.  Then it will be him annually in March, and Dr V / mammo annually in September.  

Ok, let's back up to the beginning.  It started with the mammogram.  I was a little extra nervous this time because, exactly one week prior, I noticed a firm, round, lump thingy in my chest, on the bc side, about an inch and a half below my collar bone.  And I just KNEW it was a bad lymph node.  Just knew it! So I asked the mammo tech to feel it.  She wasn't impressed with it at all.  And this diagnostic mammo was fine and I was told I can now move to "regular annual screening" mammos, if the ordering physician agrees.  

So the next day was the visit with the most excellent surgeon, the "ordering physician" Dr V. I put his hand on this newly found round thingy.  He wasn't impressed with it either.  I asked about having an ultrasound on it. He was happy to order it, but felt nothing was even going to show up. Said it may very well just plain simple be my body.  So I agreed....he IS the boss of this stuff anyway.... If it changes or grows at all, call and we'll check it out further. So that was that, and I decided to try not to worry with it anymore. 

Next up was the annual physical with Dr C.  He gets to be the "scary doctor" this time, cause he's in charge of running the blood work that the oncologist, Dr W, will look at to determine my future.  Had a nice visit.  I decided to have Dr C also put his hand on the little round lump thingy.  He totally dismissed it as a possible "nothing lump thing", like a "subcutaneous round cyst lump of nothing", or something along those lines.  So, at this point, I'm not concerning myself with it anymore.  Unless it gets bigger.  So I'm trying to stop touching it constantly.  Maybe just check it monthly, like I'm supposed to be checking my boobs.   And the blood work came in with perfect results, as usual. Oh, and O told me so. LOL! ;)

Anyway, back to yesterday's was probably the most lovely visit I've ever had with Dr W, second only the the very first visit we had with him way back in 2009.  And at the end he gave me the most nicest, sincere hug.  And I left floating out the door on Cloud 9. 

And then O took me out to the nearby Cheesecake Factory for a lovely lunch and my annual, celebratory, and very over priced Grey Goose Martini with Bleu Cheese Olive.  And it was Awesomeness.  (I know, I as I say, not as I do, y'all! LOL!)

And that wraps this year's tour of oncology appointments.  I'm in the clear, still dancin with NED for another year. 



Paula said...

Yes! It's over again! And it's all good. I had my annual things too lately and everything came back good. I opted not to go back to the Oncologist in Birmingham we took out the lymph nodes after the tiny cervical cancer thing last winter. It's a nearly 2 hour drive, he doe nothing but poke around a bit in the nether regions. My regular gyn Dr. do an exam and a pap test last month and everything was fine so I cancelled . I was too busy to take a day to go there and there was nothing he could do because my insurance won't pay for two paps.It's all good for us both again. :)

LunaTechChick said...

Yay Paula! Yay Us! We rock. We kick bc's ass. I agree, I wouldn't go either. My oncologist does little more than grab my shins, listen to my lungs & poke around my belly & then we have a chit chat. But apparently I'm supposed to see him for the rest of my forever. Good think I like him & he's closer...45 minutes without traffic. But yes, DEF glad we're both doin good. Still. =)

Claudia Schmidt said...

Fabulous news. So glad. I too, hate all the checkups, and yet when they're done (when they go well, with positive results) I'm always so relieved. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! Feels so great to get the "pass" for another 6 months or year or whatever (I'm still on 6 month plan until end of 2015). Love ya!

LunaTechChick said...

Awwww thanks so much!! So you're only 2 or 3 checks away from annual. And I can't wait to read your post about it! Love ya back! :) xx

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks so much CC & Claudia!!! Yeah, I get so so feeaked about these appointments, so when they're over & the result is good, I feel like I'm floating on air for days!

eileen@womaninthehat said...

I hope you always hang out with NED. I love your good news. Be well! xo

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Eileen!! Thanks so much & I wish the same for you as well! Thanks for reading & commenting y'all! Gives me a warm fuzzy to see comments from fellow bloggers & friends. :)

Sandra Davis said...

Love love this ! SOOOO happy you can exhale now! Love you, Mom

LunaTechChick said...

Me too Mom! Love you too!