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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Let's Go To The Hop!
Nancy's Summer Blog Hop Challenge

Time for Nancy's Summer Blog Challenge and this time it's a Blog Hop! What a great idea! Here we go with the 14 Random Questions.
Blog Hop Challenge Questions
1.  Who are you? If applicable, share anything you want about your cancer (type, stage, when diagnosed, whatever.) Share something about yourself such as where you live, the name of your blog and it’s “mission”, a challenge you have faced or are facing now, or whatever you want.
I was diagnosed on June 30, 2009, Stage III, HER2+ at barely 40 years old. I had known about my lump for a couple of months. It did not show up on my mammogram. I got an all clear letter in the mail. I had 2 lumpectomy surgeries, 15 lymph nodes removed - 4 positive and had a mediport placed before beginning chemotherapy. My chemo regimin was 6 rounds of Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin. Herceptin continued every 3 weeks and ended on August 26, 2010. I also had 33 doses of Radiation, including 8 boosts to the tumor site.

I am not a fan of all the pink party like breast cancer awareness bs.

I also love to cook and eat good food. 

 2.  Have you ever participated in a blog hop before?
No. This is really cool though.
 3.  What’s your favorite sort of blog post to write and/or read – personal story, informational, how to, controversial, political, opinion, rant or other?
When I was posting more regularly, I would post about all kinds of things. I would even post about things that have absolutely nothing to do with cancer. Like, how difficult it can be for O and I to grab a bite to eat! I also post some ranty rants from time to time. I love to read a good rant. 
4.  Describe yourself in three words. Yes, just three!
Hmmmmmmmmm.......... Short. Foodie. Empathetic. 
 5.  Name three of your favorite books from your youth (whatever age that means to you.) that had an impact on you.
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank
 6.  What are you reading right now, or what’s on your to-read list for when you have time?
I prefer to read non-fiction. Biographies in particular. I'd love to have time to read more, from an actual book. I do use the Kindle app too. Right now I'm reading lots of recipes and cooking blogs.
 7.  What’s your favorite dessert of all time?
I'm not a big sweets eater. But I think it's a tie between chocolate mousse and creme brulee. 
8.  Tell us about a special pet you have, had, or would like to have. (Never wanted a pet, that’s okay too.)

I miss my pets. We have none currently. But my black kitty, Spaz, was such a loving kitty with a spunky personality. And our pomeranian, Simba, was just the sweetest dog ever. He knew lots of tricks! We loved them both so much and still miss them.

9.  What’s something people don’t know about you and might be surprised to learn?
I always thought I would work in the music industry. Either in the Recording Studio, or even as a Roadie. 
10.  Do you believe healthcare is a privilege or a right?
Everyone should have access to healthcare without the risk of becoming bankrupt or having to burden or bankrupt their family. Healthcare here in the US is completely effed up.
11.  What’s your favorite thing about blogging and/or reading blogs?
Blogging, for me, has been like therapy.  And I have "met" sooo many wonderful people through blogging. Some of my best friends I most likely will never get to meet in person.  
12.  What’s something you really suck at?
Blogging, lately.  And complicated math.    
13.  What’s something you’re pretty good at?
I think I'm pretty good at cooking. Especially spaghetti sauce lately.
14.  How do you escape from cancer (or life in general) worries?
Now that I am living back in coastal Georgia, I like to take what I call a "Mental Health Day" from time to time. We'll either go to the beach, or to our Historic Downtown district. I am a native tourist. 


Well, that was pretty fun! 


Julia Barnickle said...

Hi Kimberley - nice to "meet" you. Like you, I have some close friends online who I'm unlikely to meet - although I've been lucky enough to meet a few. I love that you describe yourself as a "native tourist" - it can be really fun to visit your home town as a tourist. I live on the outskirts of London, in the UK, and I spent a whole year visiting areas I'd never seen, and taking photographs.

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Julia! So nice to "meet" you too! And thanks for the Tiramisu recipe! That is also one sweet that I will enjoy if available. Never thought of making one though, but I think I will try it. I like to take photos too, but certainly don't fancy myself a talented photographer. Don't you love how technology has made it possible to make films with our phones? I kind of have a love/hate with that, since we, O & I, have been in the video/TV Production business for 20 years. Now people just do it themselves lol! Thanks so much for reading! I enjoyed your answers. What a great idea this Blog Hop is!


Julia Barnickle said...

Hi Kimberley - I can imagine how frustrating that must be. Mind you, have you seen most people’s videos??? Not mine, of course... but then I’ve had a lot of practice in composition over the past 40-odd years (ahem) ��

Nancy's Point said...

Hi Kimberly,

So glad you decided to join in on the blog hop! Glad you thought it was fun. I enjoyed reading your answers. I sorta surmised from your social media posts that you love cooking and eating, too, of course! I also loved "The Diary of Anne Frank." Didn't think of that one when making my short list. And your sweet pets. Oh my, those faces. Do you have plans to get another pet at some point? You are so lucky to be able to visit the ocean to regenerate. Sorta land locked here. My favorite answer, is #11. Blogging is like therapy for me too. And I love the people I've met through it. People like you!

Thanks for participating! Happy blog hopping! And keep those rants coming!

Claudia Schmidt said...

Hi Kimberly, I haven't seen you in a while, but then again, I haven't been posting much lately. So nice to hear from you! I didn't know you had wanted to be in the recording industry -- that would be so cool. I love music so we have that in common. Hope all is well and that you're enjoying life in Georgia. My older sister lives in GA and we've been to Tybee Island which is gorgeous. Best, Claudia

Abigail Johnston said...

Nice to meet you! I really enjoyed learning more about you and we love the Giving Tree in our household! Love and light to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberley!

Evelyn from Madrid here again:-)

And sorry for misspelling your name (Kimberly) in the previous reply:-)

So interesting to read you as always!:-) Just discovered several we have several points in common: a black cat pet, an interest in cooking and cook books, and having read and enjoyed Anne Frank's diary;-)

Hugs from Madrid, and looking forward to your next post!


LunaTechChick said...

Julia, yes, SO frustrating!

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Nancy! I'm not yet ready to have any more pets, but sometimes feel like I need another kitty. Thanks for another fun challenge! :) xx

LunaTechChick said...

Hey Claudia! Long time no see!! Yeah, just haven't been able to blog much lately. I do love Tybee. I really missed it when we were landlocked in Dallas, TX. So glad to chat with you again!! xx

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Abgale! I am still trying to catch up on reading through the blog hop! Thanks so much for checking out mine! xx

LunaTechChick said...

Hey Evelyn! Great to "see" you again! I am trying to get back in to blogging. Just been super busy in RL these days. Love learning we have stuff in common! Big hugs to you in Madrid from me in Savannah, GA!