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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Em Gee! Didn't See THAT Comin!

Soooooooooo yeah.  I had my 3 month visit with my Oncologist, Dr W, on Thursday.  But first it was time to do the 6 week port flush thing.  For the 1st time ever since it's been with me, it decided to act up.  Sure, saline was able to be flushed through it, but it did not give a "blood register" when the nurse pulled back on the syringe.  She tried & tried.  Pumped 3 things of saline through it.  Even tilted the chair all the way back so that I was basically standing on my head.  Still nuttin.  Ok, so, me being me...yep.  Cue major freakin out time.  Even though all the nurses assured me that it was "fine" & "sometimes they just act up" & "it flushed fine, so it's fine" & "sometimes they just move around a bit"....  Not mine, I'm tellin ya.  Mine is stitched in FOUR places....all the way around it.  Not the standard 2 stitches.  Sooooooo anyway.  No blood comin from the port today.  So had to get stuck twice so they could run the blood work.  Yay.

And thanks to all that drama, no, I wasn't a bit surprised that my blood pressure was kinda high.  And I told that to Dr W when he came in the exam room. And then we chatted about this & that, & I was all nervously waiting for him to say the skeery "scan" word.  

He did not order a scan.  He doesn't do CT Scans for breast cancer.  At least for my kind.  He says that stuff that a CT Scan detects can be very vague & cause stress that could be avoided.  Says he sees ladies that can only live their lives in 3 month increments...scan to scan.  Elated at a clear scan, then totally freaked out the next time cause a 3mm spot showed up somewhere that no one is even sure what it is, just to find out it was just a spot.  A nothin spot.  So he opts for chest & abdomen X-rays.  And CBC blood work.  And mammograms.  And me feelin the boobies.  So then he was all like, yeah, "I think the port can come out in February, then get your X-ray & I'll see ya back here.."  I'm like, "yeah, lovely.  Just in time for my stupid ass health insurance deductible to have started over."  And then he goes..."You know what....go ahead & call Dr V & schedule to get the port removed in December.  A Xmas gift to yourself."  And I was like "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??!?!?!!  Are you kidding me?" He was like, "No, go ahead."  And I'm like, "Even without a scan or the X-ray first?  You're THAT confident that everything's gonna be ok?!"  He's like "Yep. Sure am.  Now if you just INSIST on a Scan, I'll order it.  But I don't usually do those for breast cancer.  Plus don't want to be exposing you to more radiation."  

And it was at that point that I started hoppin all around the exam room like some deranged kangaroo, & even grabbed Dr W & gave him a big ol squeeze.  (He was probably sore the next morning...he's skinnier than I am.) 

He went on to explain that getting it out 60 days early isn't going to make a difference in things, & to just be sure to get my X-ray 2 or 3 days before I see him again in February.

So OH EM GEE! I totally didn't see THAT comin.  I showed up all a bundle of nerves, but left floatin on air.

So, I've got an appointment with the awesome surgeon, Dr V, for December 7, for the removal of my "little alien buddy".  And then that's it.  I'm done. D O N E.  Well, except for the 5 years of Tamoxifen & 3 month oncologist visits with X-rays, 6 month follow ups with the surgeon.  But "treatment wise"...Yeah, I'd call this done.

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