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Friday, November 12, 2010

Posted Jan 9, 2010 So Far, So Good...

So Far, So Good...

Posted Jan 9, 2010 5:02pm
OK, so, radiation kicked off this past Wednesday. Today is Saturday. So I've had 3 doses of my radiation. And so far, so good. One thing is for sure, it's so much better than the chemo, in that I'm in and outta there in 15 minutes! Maybe less. I probably spend maybe 5 minutes on the radiation table. Hopefully my skin will hang in there and not do the severe burn thing. But when you ask questions like, "what type of people/skin/boobs have the worst reaction?", you get that ol mantra, "Everyone is different". Soooooooooooo, I'm a-slatherin the Aloe Vera Gel on faithfully, and so far skin looks good. But it's only been 3 treatments....30 some odd to go...

Starting to see some new eyebrow hairs & a few teeny tiny eyelashes too. And the beginnings of "other" hairs. LOL! Hair on the top of my head, well, I have 3 lengths of hair now...the longer stubbles that never fell out, some stubbles about half the length of the longer ones, and now fresh brand new hairs sprouting. But I do still have my 2 bald spots on the sides, but I can actuallly see little hairs sprouting there too. So let the race back to having hair begin! I'm actually already having to shave my legs again now....not so much lovin that part! LOL!

Over in the Photo Gallery you'll see a few new pictures. One is of the little baby chick stuffed animal Allen gave me for Christmas, cause he said it reminded him of my round "baby bird head"! LOL!
My baby chick gift, cause it reminded hubby of his wife's "little, round, baby-bird head"! LOL!

So, I've added a pic of my round bird head also, for comparison. LOL!
Reminds you of a baby bird head, right! LOL! Jan 9, 2010.

I've also included a picture of one of my mother-in-laws chihuahua's wearing a Christmas dress. LOL! She's very sweet. Her name is Roxy. Her dress had jingle bells on it!

 It's been crazy COLD here for what seems like forever! But the last 3 days have been colder than we've had in something like 12 years! Bald headed people don't like cold. Going from the car into the cancer center for radiation in that cold really did make me appreciate the job the hair does to keep you warmer. I was wearing some head cover, but still! Brrrr! And my friend Marya loaned me some of her knit hats awhile back & those have come in SO handy. Especially for sleepin.

Ok, that's about it for now. Really not much to report. I mostly just wanted to tell y'all that I got a little, round baby chick gift, due to my baby bird lookin head. LOL!

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