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Friday, November 12, 2010

Posted Dec 31, 2009 Goodbye 2009!

Goodbye 2009!

Posted Dec 31, 2009 6:28pm

So yeah, like most people I talk to, I'm MORE than ready to say goodbye to 2009! What a crappy year it's been, for so many people. 2009 can kiss my *ahem*...patootie! LOL!

Anyway, today, I got my bod all marked up so they can line up the radiation machine exactly the same every time. On Tuesday, I'll go in for just a run through, where they will use the marks on my body and do a bit of a "dry run" of a treatment, and then the Radiation will start on Wednesday. Got my Aloe Vera Gel ready. Lookin for a big ol Aloe Vera plant I can bring home & pinch from. Heard that really helps reduce the burn.

Then I went across the hall and got my Herceptin started and spoke with my chemo oncologist, Dr W. My MUGA scan looks not just good, but GREAT! My heart is functioning very well. MUGA scan measures the percent of blood the heart pumps never pumps all the blood out. Anyway, he says any thing from 55% & up is normal. I'm in the GREAT range at 81%! YAY! =)

So I'm back to healthy eating, (kinda been treating myself since Thanksgiving) and back to rebuilding my stamina for the elliptical machine. Gotta start slowly and work back up. How I ever did 45 minute workouts on that thing, I dunno, but I hope to work back up to that.

So Good Riddance to 2009! 2010 WILL be better! I will complete "active treatment" in August 2010. =)

Happy New Year y'all! Hope you all have fun and safe celebrations. And thanks again so much for your thoughts and prayers, cards and well wishes and comments here. It really does help me, and I know it's working too! =)

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