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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Jun 26, 2010 Drip...Drip...Drip...


Posted Jun 26, 2010 3:41pm
I mean it's just SOOOO boring! But thankfully, it gets done in an hour. Once it gets started, that is. Yes, it was Herceptin week. The new chemo nurse runs it in an hour for me. Works great. My port is a bit sore and bruised this time. Usually doesn't bruise. But when the nurse accessed it, she was like, "ooooh, I need to push that in more" and had to push on it a 2nd time. So I'm guessin that's it. I think I also flinched when she poked it initially. I usually don't flinch...just curse under my breath. No, I don't use the numbing cream. I figure, it's just a quick second, every 3 weeks. I'll deal. Hubby came with me this time, since he doesn't have to go to school anymore. So that was cool. 

But before the Herceptin was the meeting with the chemo oncologist, Dr. W. And he's still waiting for my answer about Tamoxifen. I discussed with him how I just felt it was very unlikely to have had a bc be ER-/PR "weakly positive" & HER2+. I think he's having it retested. And if it turns out that all of that is wrong, then I'll fer sure be takin the #@$! Tamoxifen. I reminded him that his initial plan for me was to do the year of Herceptin and be done. No further treatment needed. Cause really, Tamoxifen is mostly prescribed for those whose bc was Estrogen Receptor positive....which ain't me...unless the testing was read incorrectly. Eh! I dunno. We'll find out. So, doc scheduled my remaining Herceptins, and told me I need to have a decision by my last treatment.

LAST TREATMENT! OMG I'm so close to seeing the disco lights at the end of the tunnel! THREE treatments left! Last one will be on the day before the anniversary of my first chemo. August 26. Then things could get weird know me....but trying not to even think about that stuff right now.

Summer is goin good so far. We're pretty close to being finished with the move into the new high school. Everything is over there, just gotta finish some set up stuff. But it is nice to not be on a particular schedule for awhile.

Tryin to eat healthier, less meat. Thought I'd try the vegetarian thing, but found that to be quite expensive...if I want to use meat replacement products anyway. Still can't find these fake buffalo wings that are supposed to just be tha bomb. Oh well...I'm at least limiting my meat intake.

Ok, so obviously not much to report. Here's a couple of pics. Guess you could call them my "day at the spa". You look up at the IV bag...drip...drip...drip....and try to figure out how much longer...

then you return to lookin straight ahead....I apparently look at my feet.

Thanks y'all for checkin in!

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