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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Posted Mar 17, 2010 Topless? Oh Yes I Did!!!

Topless? Oh Yes I Did!!!

Posted Mar 17, 2010 9:02pm
So, just a quickie to say that today I went topless. Yep. Went out and about with NUTHIN on TOP of my head. Just the shortie short hairs that are growin there. Went and got my 1st spring pedicure with my butch 'do all out. Then ran to a store and then grabbed a quick bite at Panda Express. And at the salon, I could tell people were trying to grab a peek and not get caught. And others were trying hard NOT to look, but then they eventually looked. But at the other places we went, seems like people gawked LESS than when I wear the do-rag.

Still gonna be wearin the long wigs to work and when I want to look like "ME" though. Ok, most of the time when I'm out. But thought y'all would like to know that I totally went without headcover today. Does that count as some sort of bridge crossed, or milestone?
Topless March 28, 2010 - Hair Regrowth After Chemo
  Happy St Patrick's Day. I'm gonna roast some cabbage. =)


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