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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Nov 10, 2010 Makin a Move...& More Hair Yadda-Yadda

Makin a Move...& More Hair Yadda-Yadda

Posted Nov 10, 2010 9:03pm
Ok, so several things to chat about right quick. First...saw the surgeon, the awesome Dr V, last week. Says it appears I'm doin great. Boobies feel good. =) YAY! Next up, Oncologist visit. Dr V suspects that a scan will be ordered. And it sounded to me like, if the scan is clear (please please please have a clear scan), then he'll be lookin to take out the port. But Dr W wanted it stayin for 6 months...which puts removal in February. Wonder how many clear scans I gotta have to get the port out. Hmmmm. Guess we'll find out.

And we had a pretty fun Halloween. We handed out tons of candy. Plus I wore my new hair. It's a fun half wig that goes on like a headband. So you see my bangs, and the front is MY hair, and from the headband back is the half wig. I think I love it.

 Also still lovin my hat wig. I wear it a bunch too.

Next. I wish some people would be more careful and not just blurt out an assumption. So yeah, I was shoppin with my friend and we went into this boutique we go in to all the time. Saw an employee there that I haven't seen in a long time. She was all tryin to remember me. Went something like this:

Shop Girl: *shakin her pointed index finger at me* "I know come in here all the time..."
Me: "Yeah, you know me..."
Shop Girl: "Can't believe you chopped off all your hair!"
Me: *5 seconds of stunned silence*
Me: "No I didn't. Chemotherapy took it."
Shop Girl: *Gasps and grabs at her chest*

Yeah. Nice. Anyway, obviously not lovin the short hair. Still. But I CAN get a tiny nubby ponytail. And with my bangs and a headband, can sort of look like when I wore a ponytail...until I turn to the side or from the back.
Hair regrowth after chemo - Nov 6, 2010
 Next: Not every-single-thing makes it into this CarePage blog. Not that I'm being dishonest, mind, but rather...selective in what all I share. With my family being so far away, sometimes it's best to chat on the phone about some things, so as to prevent someone reading something, and then worrying a bunch, when maybe should only worry a little, or not at all. Ya know? And also, I understand that people wanna say whatever they can to make me feel good/better. Even to the point of being overly-complimentary. And I LOVE and am SO blessed to have people around me who do honestly care about me and just want to make me feel good. BUT, that said: Yes. My hair is growing back. It's good hair. It's good to HAVE hair. Do I like how I look? No. And no amount of compliments or assurances that "if it would look that cute on me..." is gonna change that. Thus my new half wig, hat wig and soon to come fake ponytails and the possibility of extensions in the future. =)

*oops...sorry...hope I don't sound too bitchy there*

Yeah, so this post turned in to a bit of a rant-novel. Sorry. I'm hormonal. I take Tamoxifen. (Promise my next Update will be one of more know, more important stuff about scans and the like. Occurs to me y'all are probably SICK to death of me lamenting my hair issues, huh......)

Lastly, I'm in the process of moving this CarePage over to my Blogger site. It used to be about my Online store, but is transitioning to mirror this CarePage. Seems some people are put off by having to have a membership to read a CarePage, and I have recently had some people ask if I had a "regular" blog. Well, yes I do, and my CarePage is in the process of makin the move to it at Hope to see you all over there. I can be a bit more "myself" there, as CarePage is a bit restrictive in what you can do. Posts on my Blogger site might be a bit more...ummm....descriptive? LOL! ;)

Ok...that's it for now. As always, I do so appreciate your comments, thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Hubby and I both do. It means so much.


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