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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Sep 7, 2010 Good To The Last Drop

Good To The Last Drop

Posted Sep 7, 2010 12:44am
Sooooooooo on Thursday, August 26, I had my LAST Herceptin treatment. YAY! And the chemo nurses and staff all applauded & blew bubbles around me and gave me a certificate.
Last Herceptin Aug 26 2010

Mediport has to stay put for another 6 months. So now we do port flushes every 6 weeks & see Dr W in 3 months. Wow. This means I will not have to go to the center at all in the month of September. And 6 weeks between port pokes (was hopin last week was the last, but, no...). For a year, been gettin poked every 3 weeks. Things seem to slow down a bit while we watch and see...Shew...I'm not gonna know how to act with so much less medical crapola goin on!

Next up, mammogram on September 14. Both boobies this time. Gonna have to mammo around the port. This should be interesting.

Oh...Tamoxifen. To take it, or not to take it. Got my prescription all filled & ready. But haven't taken it yet. Still very nervous about it. But I figure, I'll give it a try. If the side effects are just too much, I'll just stop takin it. That's what Dr W says he tells patients. So within a week I'll start it. Promise.

And finally, a word about the hair. Got my first real haircut on Friday, in an attempt to get it to look less fuzzy. But it seems it's turning into an afro. Brillo pad. Too damn curly. And short. Short, short, short. And I'm seriously thinking about wearin the wigs again. I just don't love how I look with this super short hair. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm SO happy to see hair growing. But this is a hairdo I see on ladies much older than me. And I feel like it's just not ME. And I can't do anything with it. It just is what it is. Just not likin how I look...I like it better than bird-head fer sure...but still missin my hair SO much. Hopin I can get extensions or something once it grows more...

Ok, so yeah...nothin really to report. Finished treatment. Flushes, mammos and follow ups. That's about it for now. Much less. Much better.

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