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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Jul 17, 2010 Round 3. A Rant.

Round 3. A Rant.

Posted Jul 17, 2010 12:17pm
Sooooooooo.....took my 3rd to the last Herceptin on Thursday. Nurse ran it in an hour again. One thing I'm noticing...I think when it runs in an hour, rather than 90 minutes, it causes me to feel SO tired after. The last 2 times I had it, I ended up takin loooong naps when I get home. Like 2 -3 hours. Then I feel all weird from sleepin through the middle of the afternoon and wakin up at 6pm. I dunno. I think I'm gonna ask that the next one, the next to the last one, run in 90 minutes & see. Cause all the others were 90 minutes and I didn't need a nap after. So yeah. Gonna give that a try.

Only 2 more. Then the scans begin I'm sure. And, I gotta say, I'm super nervous about it. I hate it. I wish I wasn't that way, but I just am. It seems like I was more confident right in the middle of treatment than I am now. Now I just try not to worry as the end of treatment nears. Nothin worse than waitin on test results. I mean, these scans will let us know if all of this worked, right? It HAS to have worked. Gah, I guess I'm just a paranoid person by nature. I dunno. we go Round 3 with the eyelashes. They're thinning again. AGAIN. My left eye is very thin. Reminds me of how the lashes were during chemo. So, when everyone says they love my short hair (ugh!) cause it brings out my "great eyes" (not my words)...well, notsomuch these days. And the brows. OMG!!! I've got brow hairs growin where I don't want hair, and bald spots where I DO want brow hairs. What a *!@#% MESS! GAWD!

And finally, my hair-hair. Jeez. It's at this dreadful in-between stage where it's too long for pixie, too short for anything else. It's pretty much man hair. When a man desperately needs a haircut. In my opinion anyway. And I know many lovely ladies who wear very short hair & it looks great on them. I've just always had loooooooong hair, (except for that couple of years of the bob) so it just doesn't work for me. At all. And it's doing this stupid "chemo-curl" thing in the back. More curly on the right. So it's all jacked up in the back. I visited my stylist to see if she had some ideas. She really didn't. She cleaned up some areas around my ears and talked about how we'll have to keep trimmin up the back as the top grows down so it can eventually get to one length and finally begin to grow out. And she did this weird style thing, pushin it toward my face. Looks stupid to me. But then, it's all gonna look stupid to me for a long time. Reminds me of a funny cat picture I saw.
On a positive nails have finally regained their strength, so they have finally grown to their normal length. So I did the French paint on them. I just do it myself. Not a big fan of manicures. Last update was toes, this time, fingers. LOL!

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