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Friday, November 12, 2010

Posted Jan 15, 2010 8 Rads Done.

8 Rads Done.

Posted Jan 15, 2010 2:26pm
Ok, so I've had 8 doses of radiation, as of today. And yes, so far, it's WAAAAY better than chemo. I mean, zip, zap! In and out! The thing I like best about it is, not having to wait to be called back. Just sign in and let yourself in....get changed into the gown and they're ready for you by the time you come out of the dressing room. I like the 2 girls who run the radiation. They look SO young! But they're very nice, as far as I can tell. You get all of 30 seconds time with them, so there's not much time for chattin.

Now, some things I don't love about having radiation. The daily trips over there...ugh! But still, it's really fast. Also, Aloe Vera's always cold. Having to rub chilly gel on the boobie area, and then wait for it to be dry....not lovin that either. Then, every 5 treatments, they do X-rays, to make sure I'm still in the correct position. That takes a bit longer. And it kinda sucks cause my right hand went to sleep & my neck gets tired of being in that position for that long. (I'm laying on my back with my arms up over my head, left hand laying in the right hand, head turned all the way to the right, chin up.)

Skin over there is beginning to turn slightly pink. That's to be expected. Every Thursday the nurse looks at it. Every Monday the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Lee, sees me and has a look too. So far, all is well.

I started back using my elliptical machine this week. Hope I keep it up cause I sure didn't like the number on the scale when they weighed me yesterday! Helloooooo South Beach!

Anyway, this is a long weekend for us, but not from radiation. Oh well.

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