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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Aug 24, 2010 S'been A Long Time Since I Did An Update...

S'been A Long Time Since I Did An Update...

Posted Aug 24, 2010 4:24pm
"S'been A Long Time Since I Did An Update..duhnuuuh, duhnuuuuh..." LOL! Yeah, classic rock and Led Zeppelin fans will be singin "Rock and Roll" all day now! HA! Yeah, it has been awhile. I didn't do an update on the most recent Herceptin, cause there really wasn't anything to report. I sat and watched bags drip. Thrill a minute, I tells ya. BUT, then we got super busy with school getting ready to start...(started yesterday)

It's actually been kind of a rough patch around here lately. See, we've been in some sort of a weird, merciless heatwave. I mean, 100F+ every-single-%#$@!!-day. MISERABLE! And then the downstairs A/C went out. Got it fixed the next day. Or so we thought. Then a week later, still 100+, breaks down again. OF COURSE it needed a part that had to be ordered. OF COURSE we learn this late on a Thursday afternoon. OF COURSE the part takes till the end of the day Friday to be delivered, causing us to have to spend one HOT weekend. But Monday came, part was installed...all's right in the air conditioned world inside our four walls! And so glad too cause yesterday we broke a record at 108F!! But today, there are some showers in the area and it's actually not terrible outside for a change.

The big news this week is...*drumroll*....Thursday, I'm scheduled to take my LAST HERCEPTIN treatment!!!!!! The LAST one! Last medi port poke! Last day to sit and drip! I'm very excited about that, but nervous too...because I betcha Dr W is gonna start talkin scans and stuff. So I guess I'd say I'm "cautiously excited". And no, I haven't decided, even still, if I will take the Tamoxifen. Guess I will wait & see what the retest of my stuff showed...IF he actually had the retesting done.

Also, I already scheduled my next 6 month mammo...And it just happens to land on the anniversary of the day I shaved my head last September. Dunno if that's a good "sign" or what. But anyway, yes, the end of "active treatment". And this last Herceptin falls on the day before the anniversary of my very first chemo. So the One Year Treatment Plan will be complete in less than 48 hours. YAY!!

So, what have we been up to the last several weeks? Finally got the classroom & studio pretty much set up and ready to go. But like with any new facility, there are still some bugs to get worked out. The new High School is huge and very nice.

Hair...It's at SUCH a weird stage. Would probably benefit from a trim, but I just can't seem to get time to get it done. Hope to be able to do that before too long.
Hair Regrowth After Chemo - Aug 2010
 Ok, so, thanks for checkin on us. I'll let you know how Thursday goes, & what's next....betcha it's a scan of some sort.

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