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Friday, November 12, 2010

Posted Dec 9, 2009 Some Musings on the Day Before My LAST Chemo!

Some Musings on the Day Before My LAST Chemo!

Posted Dec 9, 2009 6:06pm
Can you believe it? LAST CHEMO is tomorrow!!! I'm totally trippin! And I really do appreciate the timing too, cause by the time the Christmas Break rolls around, I should be well back to feeling like myself, if things go as they have with the previous chemos! So, it's a weird feeling too, cause I'm very excited about it, yet I'm kinda scared at the same time, and nervous too. I'm always nervous about getting the chemo. But yeah, hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll be able to celebrate the end of Phase One of my "active treatment".

It still feels like I'm talking about someone else's life when I discuss the bc and treatments and stuff. And I do try to be mindful to have other stuff to talk about too, so it's not just bc, treatment, bc, treatment, hairloss.....Which still ticks me right off! But thank goodness for awesome wigs, I'm tellin ya! But anyway, I try to ask people questions about what's up with them, but sometimes forget. Dern chemo brain!

And speaking of hair....stubbles still hanging in. Almost an inch long & they stick straight up on my head. Starting to see little bitty stubbles growin in inbetween the longer stubbles, but don't get too excited about that. Saw that last month and they fell right out couple weeks after the prvious chemo. Same thing with eyebrows and eyelashes. I'm all checking with the magnifying mirror to see new lashes & brows & stuff! LOL!

Here is a new side effect for ya! Vision and eye issues. After chemo #4, about a week before next chemo, my left eye went all wonky! Watery, blurry vision..Then it cleared right up! Last week, right eye did the exact same thing and is already almost cleared up. Craziness. I'm told Taxotere will do that sort of stuff. Oh yay! If both eyes do it at the same time, I'm totally screwed! LOL!

Chemo brain. Now there's a side effect for ya. That's the one that just hangs around & gets worse & worse. I've turned totally stupid! LOL! Not really, but I sure can't remember a single thing. Short term memory is blown! Not that it was that great to begin with, but dang! I'm tellin people stories 3 and 4 times now! Ugh!

So anyway, there's a very good little Italian joint here in town that I just love love love! Looks like a total dive, but the food is totally fabulous! It is super cold here, and I'm thinkin I need to celebrate the end of chemo with a nice, hot plate of Grilled Shrimp Angel Hair Alfredo!

Thanks everyone for all your support, cards and comments on here. It really does still help keep my spirits up. I'll let y'all know how it went when the chemo fog lifts.

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