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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Posted Oct 28, 2009 Round 4 of 6

Round 4 of 6

Posted Oct 28, 2009 10:58pm
So tomorrow, blood work willing, I'll take chemo Number 4 of 6. I don't mind saying I'm MORE than ready to be done with this phase. And I'm sure I'll feel that way about the radiation portion right quick too. But yeah, I'm just not in the mood to have to say goodbye to decent tasting coffee and food and stuff. Really kinda nervous cause several survivors have told me that Number 4 was their worst one. Soooooo, I'll be sure to post here how things go.

And now for the hair loss update. I still have my stubbles. Still growing. However, the eyebrows are going and the eyelashes on one eye are thinning too. Doc seems to think all hair will be gone by the end. Guess we'll wait and see.

I've been enjoying the last week or so of feeling good. Got to see a bunch of people at the high school participate in the Thrill The World thing where people all over the world simultaneously did the Thriller dance. Got to see some cute junior high students do it too! Even managed to see the Paranormal Activity movie. Creepy stuff in that movie, but dang, why didn't WE think of that??? LOL! But it was good Halloween fun!

Ok, so, nervous, but ready to have round 4 behind me. Thanks again everyone for checking in on me and for your posts and stuff. They do make me smile, and smiling feels great! =)

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