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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Sep 18, 2010 Nuttin To See Here...

Nuttin To See Here...

Posted Sep 18, 2010 7:05pm
Howdy. Just a quick update after the 6 month, both-boobies-and-a-mediport mammo. And it was all good. Clear. Nuttin to see here. So I was all like "WHEW!"

What else....I also got new hair. We did a video for my wig guy & he needed additional DVD copies, so we worked out some trade. We discounted the invoice if he'd throw in that ball cap wig. I think it looks more like "me" than my actual wigs. Never been much of a ball cap kinda girl, but I'll be wearing the #$%&! outta this one!

Oh, and I did finally start takin the Tamoxifen. Finally. On Wednesday. So far so good.
Then last night, I'm sleepily watchin The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, when it happened. He TOTALLY read meh Tweet!!! I was all like OH EM GEE! It was awesome. I love me some Craig Ferguson.

And the season is tryin to change. I love when fall approaches. You can just tell it's comin with the angle of the sun, the looooong afternoon shadows....gettin darker earlier & earlier...which I LOVE!!!

And that's about it. Nothin really to report other than my mammogram is clear & I now have hat hair...which is a good thing!
New Hair

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