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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Posted Mar 28, 2010 What A Difference A Year Makes.

What A Difference A Year Makes.

Posted Mar 28, 2010 5:17pm
Ok, so I made it through week 1 of 2 stressful weeks. This past week I had to go see my ob/gyn, the fabulous Dr. D, for my annual checkup. Complete exam. First time since the diagnosis, and I don't mind sharing with you that I was just mildly freaked out about it. And also, thanks to having zero estrogen in the bod, the exam hurt a bit. Usually don't feel it...(apologies if this is TMI for y'all). So that totally sucked. He was all hands off the boobies though. Said he's now leavin that up to the team of docs who are checkin those nowadays, the likewise fabulous Dr. V, Dr. L, & Dr. W. Unless I just wanted him to feel em, he would just leave it to them. So I figured, eh, I'm seeing all those specialists pretty soon, so yeah, we'll just let them feel em. Besides, I'm kinda feelin em myself almost daily.

Day after Dr. D was the echocardiogram. Very nice cardiologist's office. The office of Dr. A. Never saw Dr. A personally, but her technician was very nice. So we go into the room to do the echo and the tech leaves so I can remove the top and put on the gown....Motley Crue was on his radio! I had to laugh. I wasn't really worried about this visit at all, what with my excellent MUGA scan report in December. No, I was mostly worried with the Dr. D appointment. And all seems to be well, so that's good. Ran through some fast food on the way home. Now y’all know I like to eat healthy, but sometimes (ok, most times) I WILL snag one or three of hubby’s fries. Especially when he gets cury fries. So I was really trippin out at the curly fry I grabbed. So much so that I just HAD to take a BlackBerry picture of it.
Next week's stress...Finally gettin that mammogram. Not sure why I'm a bit weirded out bout that, but can’t help it. I mean, with all the chemo, radiation plus boosts, I can’t imagine anything bein wrong with the boobie. So, really tryin to remind myself that I’ve had excellent treatment from excellent doctors, so all will be great. Day after the mammo, I get to see both of the oncologists, Dr. W and Dr. L, and then visit my chemo nurses for the next round of Herceptin. Three weeks is goin by faster & faster! Then week after, I visit my super awesome surgeon, Dr. V. Kinda nervous bout seein him these days too. I dunno. I think I just need to get a few “all clear”s behind me, and maybe I won’t be all freakin out.

So yeah, what a difference a year makes.  Last year this time I was all makin plans to go home to Savannah to celebrate the Big 4-0. Lookin forward to school comin to an end so we could enjoy our first summer off as teachers. And so I’ve added some new pics!  A Before and After...

 Showin off meh hair, 
  …lots of changes over the last year, that’s fer sure!
Oh yeah, also last week, hubs and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary…once we remembered it! We both forgot! I guess that just shows that we’re just a teenie bit busy and have lots of stuff on our minds.

Me wishin hubs a Happy Anniversary w/ a phone pic!
AND I've taken to going out & about without headcover. But not ready for that at work yet. But I did wear the short 'do on Friday. Call it my "Soccer Mom" 'do! LOL! Gosh how butch lookin with the newly grown in hair. Maybe I should get some Birkenstocks & start flirtin with our waitresses! LOL!

Ok, thanks for reading and commenting and stuff. It really does help me get through this crap.

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